Success Stories

“I lost 100 pounds on this diet, and now I’m a personal trainer trying to help others! Thanks for everything, brother. You changed my life!”

—Clay Oswald

“Sweet Potato Diet changed my entire perspective about eating, I didn’t know that eating sweet potatoes can change my health and my figure. I’m a diabetic and Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of carbohydrates for those with blood sugar problems. These fibrous root vegetables can help regulate blood sugar levels and prevent conditions like insulin resistance. Thank you Michael for introducing this amazing diet! Sweet Potato Diet rocks!”


“A couple summers ago, I was introduced to the Sweet Potato Diet over social media. It was a life changing moment when I first learned of it. I started eating sweet potatoes morning, noon, and night. In the first month, I lost 20 pounds! To this day, I still eat sweet potatoes every day. I have learned how to utilize the diet for my goals, thanks to Morellifit.”

—Reese Hoopes

“I first encountered the Sweet Potato Diet from Michael through his YouTube channel. I love sweet potatoes, and being from the South it was so easy to incorporate them into my diet. I love that I get to eat sweet potatoes with every meal and don’t feel guilty at all. Thanks to Michael and the Morellifit family I am able to reach my weight loss goals.”

—Shanee Ellington

“I was first introduced to the Sweet Potato Diet on Periscope in early 2015 by Michael Morelli Jr. Instantly the idea sounded genius to me! It’s sweet potatoes, not a huge financial investment, and a whole food item, so what’s to lose? I went out and purchased some sweet potatoes to get me started! I followed several of Michael’s recipes and tips with ease! This diet felt right! I felt clean and satiated while following it! I had no expectations, but to my surprise I lost 12 pounds in the first 13 days! I highly recommend following this diet short term and as a lifestyle! The Sweet Potato Diet has forever changed my life!”

—Melissa Bazile, Virginia Beach, VA

“The Sweet Potato Diet has been a total game changer when it comes to achieving my health and fitness goals. I was first introduced to the diet when I started my first Custom Meal Plan. I liked sweet potatoes, but when Michael made me aware of the INSANE benefits, sweet potatoes became my favorite carbohydrate source. After incorporating sweet potatoes into my regular diet, I was able to gain over 15 pounds of lean muscle while maintaining 8% body fat. Not only has the Sweet Potato Diet helped me with my fitness goals, I truly believe that there are incredible long term benefits of choosing sweet potatoes over other carb sources. I hope everyone comes to understand the power of the sweet potato.”

—Garrett Stanley

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