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A simple carb-cycling approach that drops serious body-fat, gives you crazy energy, and allows you to eat lots of carbs every day.

When most people hear “carb-cycling” they often think it sounds too complicated to start and too difficult to maintain. Popular fitness guru Michael Morelli, who has more than 4 million social media followers, and is an expert on carb manipulation has created a simple approach to fat loss that takes effect quick, and is non-restrictive — the only diet I’ve ever heard of where you get to eat lots of carbs every day and still drop loads of body fat.

The Sweet Potato Diet is for carb lovers who don’t want to give up their favorite food group to lose weight. And, the best part is it’s super easy. It’s like dropping a sweet potato in the microwave (literally), if you can do that you can do this diet.

You don’t need to be a gourmet chef to excel at the diet either. You’ll get 45 palate satisfying recipes, all easy to follow, all with step-by-step directions. The pictures will make your mouth water; I am talking waffles, pancakes, cookies, and muffins even — all the good stuff! Can you imagine eating packages and dropping serious body fat at the same time?

The Sweet Potato Diet is the MOST accessible NON-restrictive diet ever brought to market, and it REALLY works — FAST.

Not only that. The Sweet Potato Diet sets you up for long term sustainable results, we’re talking the lasting success that will lock in your fat loss so you never have to worry about the rebound. This fat is gone for good!

The Sweet Potato Diet is not just a diet, it’s a nutrition bible loaded with heavily researched information — everything from the most common nutrition myths, adequate hydration status, to even the very top tips for meal prepping. This book gives back to you, two very mportant things; time and confidence.

The Sweet Potato Diet is without question the last diet book you’ll ever have to invest in and after 14 short days your waist will be thinner, and your body fat will be less.

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